Our Story

Chain Bridge Honey Farm 產品故事

Chain Bridge Honey Farm創立於1948年,位於英國諾森伯蘭郡。經過70多年的家族式經營,我們的產品從最初單品蜂蜜,逐漸發展到多樣性的副產品,集零售,批發及網絡於一體的銷售模式。經營場地由單一的養蜂場,擴展到基於休閒,參觀為主導的遊客中心。

Chain Bridge Honey Farm的商標是一個傳統的養蜂場式構圖,以簡約的蜜蜂圖案為中心,底色配以蜂蜜的黃色,表示我們的農場為蜜蜂提供著純淨的環境,造就原生態蜂蜜源,也像徵著旨在追求以天然,無添加的產品作為我們經營理念和承諾。

我們以生長於英國北部獨有的Heather flower(石楠花)來製作優質天然的產品,最初的成品有Heather honey(石楠花蜂蜜)和Comb honey(蜂巢蜜,又名格子蜜),石楠花蜂蜜有明亮的金黃色,香味濃烈,令人回味無窮,且蛋白質含量高,其藥用價值自古以來備受大眾認可。

經我們長期研發出以蜂蜜為原材料而製作出的多款天然護膚和日用品,包括潤唇膏,護手霜,萬用膏,肥皂等等,都大受消費者歡迎,更多次贈予英女皇伊麗莎白二世享用。當中王牌產品Heather honey潤唇膏(Lip Balm)更榮獲British Free Form Skin 銀獎,產品受到英國皇室愛戴和業界的認可。


Our Story

The Chain Bridge Honey Farm was established in 1948, it’s located in Northumberland. After 70 years family business, our products have developed from single Honey to the diversity of by-products, retailing, wholesaling and online sales.

In 1971 William Robson Snr retired and helped Willie establish a viable honey farm.

His knowledge and experience was crucial at this time. Mr Robson Snr continued to work with bees until he was 82 years old. In 1973 Daphne Robson joined the business, preparing honey for sale and delivering it to the shops. The business grew year by year and in 1982 a new honey house was built.

Much of the machinery installed came from ship-breakers and is still in use today.

The honey house was gradually extended to include workshops and, in 1991, a very comprehensive visitor centre. It was around this time that many new products were introduced using the vast amounts of beeswax produced. Hive numbers rose gradually as the seasons allowed from 500 to nearly 1,500 at present (with 2,000 the future target). These are located within a 40-mile radius of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

In 2007 the business moved into a new, third honey house. The enterprise at Chain Bridge Honey Farm is ‘vertically integrated’, in so far as all relevant jobs are carried out by the existing staff and this includes constructing the buildings, making the beehives (plus all the relevant parts), modifying and installing machinery, beekeeping and preparation of honey and by-products, wholesaling the products to retailers and retailing the product at Chain Bridge Honey Farm and online.