Honey & Beeswax Ointments (Propolis 2%)


Contains 2% propolis tincture
Oat oil is superior for skin repairing
Contains omega 3 and 6 (linoleic acid) and antioxidant properties.
Suitable for sensitive skin and excellent for softening


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The Ointment contains Oat oil. Oat Oil provides excellent softening, emollient and hydrating properties to skin. The addition of vitamin E provides a powerful antioxidant to skin. Oat oil is non-irritating, hypo-allergenic and so is suitable for sensitive skin.

The Oat oil comes from selected oats – to ensure the quality, traceability, sustainability and safety of the raw material is maintained. It is free from GMOs. The oil retains valuable active components that many refined oils lack and has ECOCERT natural approval.

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