About Vianek

Youth, Beauty, Love, Joy, Fertility

VIANEK is a Polish brand of natural cosmetics, intended for the mass market. Dedicated to women of all ages with diverse care needs, and at the same time demanding. The combination of carefully selected ingredients, captivating fragrances and original decoration of the packaging creates a unique message of the brand. VIANEK are natural cosmetics that are a response to the growing market demand and interest of not only conscious consumers.


Polish Tradition Design

VIANEK catches the eye in the first contact. The packaging is decorated with unique Zalipian designs, painted with passion and respect for Polish tradition dating back to the 19th century.

Organic Ingredients

VIANEK is a unique natural cosmetics containing extracts of Polish flowers and herbs from organic farming. Their scents are pure, fruity madness. The herbs that we use for production come from organic farming Dary Natury, from the areas of pure Podlasie.

Cruelty Free

VIANEK is against any form of animal testing. All products are not tested on animals, nor do they use any substances derived from dead animals.

VIANEK are six series of products designed for face, body and hair care, which are distinguished by their color. It is a safe, natural composition. Skin-friendly products are sought after and appreciated. VIANEK cosmetics provide gentle care, and innovative recipes guarantee satisfactory effects of use.

Vianek cosmetics have received recognition not only from consumers but also in many plebiscites.

VIANEK 是來自波蘭的著名天然護膚品牌 SYLVECO 旗下品牌之一,結合精挑細選的有機材料,迷人的香氣和獨特的包裝來傳達品牌的價值。現時品牌共推出6種針對各年齡層肌膚所設計的系列,當中包含面部、身體及頭部等產品,務求為不同肌膚類型提供合適的天然皮膚護理產品。



VIANEK的獨特產品包裝融合了源自19世紀波蘭 Zalipie 村莊傳統的花朵設計


VIANEK的產品材料取自波蘭有機農場 Dary Natury 種植的花朵及草本植物



VIANEK 的產品多年來受各大消費者支持,並於波蘭各大美容品牌比賽獲獎無數。