About Us

It all started with a family…

The Chain Bridge Honey Farm is a family business started by W.S. Robson Snr. in 1948, sited in a northern England town of Berwick Upon Tweed, near Scotland. Currently, the beekeepers at Chain Bridge Honey Farm has tended 1,600 hives of bee across Northumberland and the Scottish Boarders. In good year, the farm can harvest up to 50 tons of honey, specialising in heather honey and comb honey. Beside these delicious honeys, the farm produces a wide ranges of high quality by-products including skin care products, honey mustards and handmade beeswax candles on site. 

Beekeeper WS Robson Snr.

The high quality honey products well represented in the region and have been frequently presented to the British royal family.  When Queen Elizabeth visited the region, the Chain Bridge Honey Farm welcomed Her Majesty with the local producers.  At the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, along with the Robson Family, a number of bees are dedicated to produce the products to the highest standards, without compromise. The products are now sold to 350 countries throughout the United Kingdom, Japan, and Greater China Region including Hong Kong.

About Honey in the Chain Bridge Honey Farm

All our honey comes from our 1,800 hives situated throughout Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Our early season honey is taken from the low lying fields where the bees forage on early season crops as well as blossoms and spring flowers. This honey collected in June or July are described as Wildflower Honey.

During July the beekeepers move the hives to higher grounds where the forage on the heather plants. Some of the wildflower honey is still in the hive at this point (We always leave enough for the bees!). The first harvest from this period produces honeycombs with some heather honey and some wildflower honey hence they are named Heather / Flower Comb Honey.

Towards the end of July, the beekeepers transport the hives to the heather moors. August brings the Heather flowers into bloom and with it our delicious Heather Honey. Our Heather Honey is very popular among the region and to the rest of the world.

About Chain Bridge Honey Farm Skin Care Series

Our honey and beeswax skincare range has been crafted here in Chain Bridge Honey Farm with the help of experienced skin care professional. Our products are formulated to contain as high a proportion of honey and beeswax as possible, since these two natural ingredients are made by our own bees that we believe to be beneficial to skin.

Our products are all cruelty free and contain the highest quality natural ingredient. Where necessary they are preserved with a mild, alcohol based preservative. They are free from synthetic ingredients, paragons and petroleum products. Only pure essential oils are used to fragrance our products.

Our skincare series has mainly developed into two main branches –  Honey Beeswax Balm and Cream, which contain natural ingredients to help moisturising different kinds of skin type. They are different in texture and are loved by our customers!

A balm is free from water content and formulated with honey and beeswax as its base. It is suitable for extremely dry areas such as the hands, joint areas or the heels. It has a slightly harder texture, but when it is once hand-picked, it becomes soft at body temperature and softens into the skin.

A cream is lighter in consistency and contains a mixture of water and oil in its base. Its texture is similar to whipped cream and it blends in with the skin once apply.

Our Balm and Cream will provide your skin with sufficient nourishment & protection. There are so many flavours to choose from. Be sure to take your time in selecting the right product for your skin!